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35 Free Books!

The Eye of Hastur Ebook Cover
A bunch of authors I’ve met via a Facebook group have set-up 35 books that you can read for free. Some you can get directly off Amazon and others you can get by signing up for the authors newsletter.

35 FREE speculative fiction books

Amongst the freebies is my book The Eye of Hastur! So at the very least, head over there now and get my book.

Get “Eye of Hastur” Now!

The Eye of Hastur is now available. This is the first in a new choosable adventure series.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Eye-Hastur-Make-Your-Fate/dp/151430886X/

Doing a non-linear interactive book was an interesting challenge, but I’m happy with how it turned out and hopefully you all will feel the same.

The Eye of Hastur has 115 sections which is more than the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books plus my sections are way longer cause there is more of a focus on the story than wackiness. Though (this is a secret) the next Make Your Fate book I’m working on is going to be 3-4 times longer!

The Eye of Hastur!

Want a copy of my next next book, “The Eye of Hastur?” Anyone who backs National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day (NCESD) will get a free e-book copy!

The Story of the Book:

The Eye of Hastur takes place several years after the events of NCESD. In it a secret cult is doing their best to summon The Yellow King, a dark avatar for Hastur, one of the Great Old Ones. Only YOU can unravel the  mystery and stop The Yellow King from sending the entire world into madness.