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What I’m Creating in 2016!

Magera small
My next big project is a series called Dragon Lotus. The map you see above this post is the map that I made to go with the series. In the books there are dragons, magic, and its a full on epic fantasy adventure! January was pretty much all about wrapping up the 2nd draft of book 1. I’m in the middle of re-writes now and my plan is to release books 1, 2, and 3 in early fall, all together.

Merry Holidays!

HW Holiday Card 2015small

No matter what your religion or nationality, I hope you get to spend the last few weeks of the year with friends and loved ones. Even more I hope 2016 becomes a kick-butt year for you. Merry Holidays from me and the whole Holiday Wars team!

What’s Up? Magazine!

Three years ago at the Baltimore Comic Con, a reporter wanted to ask me a few questions cause they were a big fan of “Holiday Wars.” I never knew what happened to that interview. Well randomly it got thrown into an article and that article came out last week in “What’s up?” magazine.

Here is a screen capture of my quotes:

what's up

You can read the whole article online here. Also if anyone is around Annapolis and wants to snag me a copy, please do!

Family Time!

Lisa’s family got here a week ago. Aubrie my niece got here two weeks ago. Lisa and I won’t be alone again for another two weeks. So it’s CRAZY HECTIC. On the plus side, we are getting to do lots of cool things, like seeing this double rainbow when crabbing. I’ll be posting a lot more once things return to normal, specially because “Mermaids vs. Unicorns” comes out later this month!

Docking Bay 94 Interview!

Ja & Jason of Docking Bay 94 invited me onto their show. We talk about games, Kickstarter, writing, and photography.  It was a blast being a guest on someone else’s podcast and totally worth a listening too cause they ask a bunch of good stuff, specifically about outlining books and how I run my photography shoots.

Listen to the podcast via iTunes here:

Listen to the podcast online here (scroll to the bottom of the post):