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Back from Unpub 4!

Delaware got blasted by a snow storm earlier in the week and I got stranded in Dover, but after a second canceled flight and visiting wayyy too many airports in a single day I finally got back to Houston and got home in the middle of the night last night! On the plus side, it was awesome seeing snowy landscapes from an airplane.

As for Unpub 4, it was amazing. I have soooo many photos to process and plan to have them up next week. So expect my full coverage soon!

Where I Spent 2013!

If I’m taking photos, I prefer to have my nice DSLR, however one of the best things about using my iPhone is that it automatically adds GPS coordinates to all my pictures. That means in a quick glance I can see where I spent most of my time in 2013 (click the image above to see a larger view)!

It’s crazy to look at because you can tell that about two thirds of the year was spent in the MD/DE area and the last third was spent in Texas.  There is such a huge empty gape between the two, which is funny because I drove 90% of the way here on our 31 hour drive, which meant I was too busy to snap any photos.

You can also tell that before we left Maryland we did our best to visit and see all of our favorite places, which are spread out everywhere. On the flip side, in Texas you basically have the major cities and then NOTHING but fields with cows between them, which is why the photos in Texas aren’t as spread out.

Texas or Bust!

IMG_7002Today is a sad day because if you are reading this then it means my computer has been disconnected (this is an auto-post). The movers come tomorrow and by early Saturday morning we will be making the 25+ hour drive from Delaware to Texas.

It will be a few weeks until we find a house and get settled so if the blog is quiet don’t despair. I’ll back back soon. Also, I’m always active on Twitter. So you can keep tabs on me there! Then of course if you really miss the written sound of my voice you can always snag a copy of Holiday Wars or Finish The Script!

Frontier Town!

IMG_5003-Edit-Edit With the move to Texas getting sooner and sooner we’ve been trying to visit and do all the cool things near us before we are gone. One of the dorkiest things I loved growing up and through high school was a little amusement park called Frontier Town. Lisa had never been so I made sure we hit it up together!

Frontier Town is designed to look like an old western town. It does but in that fun cheese ball way. Throughout the day they have various skits that take place on main street, at the saloon and in other areas of the park. Just about everyone deals with shoots out. The acting is atrocious, the writing is worse, but for some reason it always feels so nostalgic and fun to go.

We are moving to Texas!

IMG_7032-Edit It’s official so I can now announce it… we are moving to TEXAS!

Sometime within in the next three weeks we are leaving Delmarva and making the 25 hour drive to the Lake Jackson area of Texas. From what I know it’s right on the coast, about an hour south of Houston.

We are moving because the chemical plant in Delaware that Lisa has worked out for a few years is shutting down and the massive company she works for is sending us to Texas so she can start-up a new plant, which means we will be there for 2-3 years.

From people I’ve talked to and from watching the weather it looks like Lake Jackson is on average less humid and cooler than it is here on the MD/DE coast. The big downside is that we won’t get fall and we won’t see snow (their winter daily average is 55 degrees!). Both of which I find really sad because I LOVE sledding and because fall is my favorite season.

I’m also nervous because now is the worst time of year to be a college professor and looking for a job. There’s virtually no chance that any school has a tenure track job opening for classes that I’m qualified to teach. On the plus side there are a lot of good schools in Houston, which means come November or February there may be job openings. So if anyone knows anyone let me know! Or if anyone knows of a decent or part time telecommuting job, let me know!

On a whole we are super excited. It’s just crazy because it’s happening so fast.