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I only have one piece I am hoping readers read this year, and that is THE STARDRAKE EFFECT. It is a slice of life drama with spaceships, service animals, and queer characters. Two of the biggest themes it touches upon are ableism and finding yourself. Here is the official blurb:

THE STARDRAKE EFFECT clocks in at just under 60,000 words which should put it in the “novel” category for most awards. If you are a SFWA member, and would like a review copy for review/reading purposes, just reach out to me and I can send you one.

The Silmarillion!

Last month I decided I was going to re-read Lord of the Rings. Mostly I was curious about how often random names and references were made to stuff that doesn’t happen in LotR. Plus I have ALWAYS skipped the poems and this time I wanted to read them.

I got four chapters into LotR and started seeing weird names I didn’t know. I looked up one of the names and learned it was an old god’s name, which reminded me that for like twenty years I have intended to read the Silmarillion.

Creators Cast: Brian D. Meeks!

Data guru Brian D. Meeks joins the show to talk about the art of analyzing data, and more specifically the secrets to running Amazon Ads! To learn more about Brian make sure you check out his site: http://extremelyaverage.com/

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