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Creators Appreciation Day!

Chip Beauvais, a twitter friend of mine, started something called “Creators Appreciation Day.” It’s the first weekend in March and participate you are supposed to pick three things you enjoy, songs, podcasts, books, movies, apps, recipes, etc… and write a review for them on Amazon, iTunes, youtube, boardgame geek, Goodreads or on whatever site is appropriate. Then you are supposed to share your review with your friends and on social media, being sure to tag the creator.

Merry Holidays!

HW Holiday Card 2015small

No matter what your religion or nationality, I hope you get to spend the last few weeks of the year with friends and loved ones. Even more I hope 2016 becomes a kick-butt year for you. Merry Holidays from me and the whole Holiday Wars team!

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund!

The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction is an annual event to raise money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.  All money raised via the auction goes to the charity organization and this year I have three things up for auction!

In addition to the stuff that I’m offering, normally hundreds upon hundreds of other people put cool stuff up for auction. So support a good cause and check it out!

Win an All-New Kindle Paperwhite!

Fall has arrived, though in coastal Texas, it’s still 90 degrees and we went to the beach twice this week. I miss real fall and seeing leaves change colors. One of my favorite things to do before we moved down here was to read a book on a cool fall day.

So in honor of all the beautiful foliage that most of you will be seeing in the next month or so I’m giving away a kindle. All you gotta do is head here to head here. Good Luck!