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The 2014 Gaming Calendar is Out To Backers!

That’s a wrap. Other than the one person who still hasn’t responded to their backer survey, the calendars are ordered and on their way to backers. Thanks a bunch to everyone who supported the project and those who re-posted and re-tweeted. It literally couldn’t have happened without your help!

Mohonk Preserve!

When on our fall trip last year, one of the neatest places we visited was the Minnewaska State Park in Rochester, NY. We did a lot of hiking, saw a bunch of waterfalls, and it was utterly beautiful.

This photo was taking from the top of a cliff at the edge of the park. The park itself is raised on a mountaintop and surrounding it is the Mohonk Preserve, a huge slab of land under federal protection.

In the distance you can see a mountain with a shrine looking thing on it. That is Skytop Tower at Mohonk Lake, a very very very expansive spa/vacation spot. The crazy part? The tower is almost ten miles away.

Bitter Melon!

bittermelon This is sautéed biter melon stuffed with roasted peppers & cheese.

Biter melon is a lumpy wart covered vegetable that I ran across at an Amish market in Dover, Delaware. It’s apparently used a lot in asian foods, though I had never seen it before. Also as the name suggests it’s very bitter so it needs to be paired properly with foods and flavors that will balance out it’s taste.

Scrabble Sentence Cube Game!

storycubes This is the weirdest find I’ve ever had in a thrift store. I was visiting an antique/thrift shop looking for some steampunkish props to use for my photo shoot of BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia when I stumbled upon Scrabble Sentence Cube Game. It was only twenty-five cents and even though its from 1971 it had all the parts so I bought it! We have yet to play but I simply love how retro the wooden word blocks are.

Announcing: Finish The Script!

FTS Kindle
A good chunk of you already know this but we are making it official, my next project is an ebook called “Finish The Script.”

The rough draft of the book is done and I’m currently working on fleshing it out into a First Draft. We are expecting it to come in at around 45,000 to 50,000 words.

As for what it’s about here is the blurb:

Finish The Script is a screenwriting book written for anyone who wants to be a writer. It takes a step by step approach and focuses not only on theory but the actual writing process. It’s a full college course squeezed into book form and will take the novice writer from concept through multiple re-writes.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about it more as well as sharing excerpts from it.