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Ever since college, when my best friend Sarah introduced me to hummus, I’ve loved it. I’ve never successfully made it myself, but I’ve always managed to find good restaurants that make the real deal. So I was super stoked to discover that there are a few realllyyyy good Mediterranean restaurants in Houston. Even Central Market’s in-house hummus is pretty good, especially when you compare it to the normal bland grocery store kind.

Strawberry Picking!

Back in Maryland the strawberry season really happens in May. In Texas it happens from February to May!

So on February 1st, when Lisa ended up with only having to work half a day we went strawberry picking. We snagged two gallons worth (so a bucket each) and have been putting them on salads, ice cream, in smoothies, in crepes and eating them plain for the past two weeks. It almost makes living in Texas worth it.


Lisa is a big fan of antipasto. In fact until we started dating I had no idea what antipasto was. So whenever we have any kind of get together or often when we are invited somewhere and we have to bring food she loves incorporating antipasto. I don’t think there are any real rules to creating antipasto but she does seem to always make sure there are multiple kinds of nice olives, nice cheeses, and nice meats.

Hot Chocolate Cookies!

These bad boys were a weird creation that Lisa cooked up. She said she was trying to make hot chocolate but in cookie form. They were a tad dry but otherwise weren’t bad.

And for those curious… the cookie bases were more a fudgey than cookie. Then somehow she got the marshmallows to melt but still be soft and then the whole thing was topped with a chocolate glaze.

Pinwheel Candy!

For the holidays, my mom mailed us pinwheel candy. It’s basically sugar and butter, rolled up with peanut butter. It’s VERY VERY sweet but good in little bits.

It was also quite a surprise and a nice one. Pinwheel candy is a holiday tradition for her and after not being home for the holidays two years in a row it was nice to have a little reminder of home.