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Apple Cider Caramel!

I’m the cook in our family. I don’t LIKE cooking but thanks to my Dad I’m not bad at it. One thing I HATE is baking or making any kind of desserts, which works out because Lisa LOVES making desserts.

Last week she got the inspiration to make some salted caramel and after doing some research she decided to make¬†apple cider caramel instead. The apple flavor wasn’t as strong as she would’ve liked but it was there and the overall texture of the caramel turned out perfect.


One of the coolest gifts I got for Christmas was a box of Moonpies. Let me explain…

At BoardGameGeek.Con, the convention I attend in November, Marty & Tony of Rolling Dice and Taking Names gave me a Moonpie. I was excited cause I wanted to bring it home and photograph it, but it got SMASHED in my luggage and was not photographable. So I was super happy when Lisa gave me a fresh box last week. Hopefully the photo above does it justice, but I’d guess we would have to ask Tony or Marty to know for sure.

Pecan Cheesecake Pie!

We ended up with 35 gallons of unshelled pecans from the trees in our yard. Since we don’t want to waste them we decided to make a pecan cheesecake pie for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we only used like half a gallon to make the pie so either we need to make a lot more pies or find some other ways to use them.

Grilled Salmon!

Salmon is my favorite fish. Lisa hates it because she doesn’t like “fishy” fish. So whenever Lisa leaves town I always make myself salmon, brussel sprouts, and a baked potato. The problem however is that because Lisa’s work has gotten crazy busy she’s not done any traveling since last winter.

Since it had been many many months since I’ve had salmon I decided last week that I would make her some chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and salmon for myself. It was sooooo good. Plus she was extra excited about having breakfast-for-dinner.