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I have no idea what flower this is. Lisa probably knows. We have a big garden with a mix of wild flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, and plants specifically meant for attracting butterflies and humming birds.

The plants started blooming in early February and will continue to do so till the end of June. By June it gets too hot for most of the flowers, but they all usually rebound and we have a second blooming season in September.

Spring Flowers in Austin!

In Texas, the bluebonnet and indian paintbrushes grow EVERYWHERE… well at least everywhere between like Louisiana and the hill country.

I snagged this photo last March when in Austin for the Smarter Artist Summit. I had been driving back to my hotel, and took a semi-backroad because the highway around Austin was jammed. I came around a curve and sitting on this small hill in the middle of a residential neighborhood was this church and filed of flowers.

There was no hesitation. I stopped and spent about ten minutes framing and making sure I got the perfect photo.

Baby Opossum!

Technically, I think this is considered a “juvenile” opossum. It’s just at that age where it can leave it’s mother’s back and go out for a bit on it’s own.

He/She keeps showing up in our yard and since our dogs are WAY too friendly they all get along. At the time I took this photo, the opossum was maybe big enough to fit into both my hands (not counting it’s tail length). The older opossum we’ve seen around for the past few years is most likely it’s mother. She nor this guy was aggressive.

We have checked with our vet. The dogs are up to date on all their shots and medications, plus ticks aren’t a thing down here in coastal Texas and the vet said that opossom’s body temperature is too low for rabies.


We headed back to the east coast for the holidays and this was the sky a few minutes after our plane lifted out of Houston! The sun was in the process of rising and it gave the clouds a warm tone. There were also several layers of the clouds so we got to see the sun rise three times that morning!

Blue Bonnets!

These are Blue Bonnets! I saw these when Lisa and I did our trip with my family last spring to see the world’s largest wildflower farm.

There were a few spots just along the roads while driving through the Texas Hill Country where there were so many blue bonnets that from a distance we thought there might be a big pond or lake. It was gorgeous and makes sense why they are the Texas state flower.