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Da Brazza Monkey!

Saw this little guy two weeks ago at the Houston Zoo. His name is Flint and he is a Da Brazza Monkey.

At first, Flint stared at me and seemed weirded out by my camera’s shutter noise. I didn’t want to scare him, so I ducked behind a sign. As soon as I hid, he leaned all the way into the netting, and looked around trying to find me.

Things quickly evolved into a game of Peek-a-Poo. He was super cute the whole time and seemed equally upset when I ducked away and startled when I popped back.

Union Coffee Shop!

On our fall trip to New England we stopped at a small town coffee shop. The coffee was really good, but what I found most striking about the place was the mural painted on its interior window, which you can see above. My theory is that the screamer realized he ordered decaf by accident.

Old North Church Dog Tag Memorial!

It’s Veterans Day so I thought this would be a fitting photo to share.

I shot this at The Old North Church in Boston. The church is where the lanterns were hung before Paul Revere road out to let the locals know that the British where coming. Most people recognize the “one if by land, two if by sea” line from the poem written about Revere.