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Covered Bridge!

It was a crazy end of summer and a super busy start to fall, but I’m back!

In August, Lisa’s family came for a two week visit and we did a mini-tour of Texas as well as a week at a beach house on South Padre Island. Then I had a family situation and had to fly back to Maryland. Then I had to wrap up fulfillment for my 2017 Gaming Calendar Kickstarter. Then I had to write Volume 4 of Holiday Wars. Then I had to prep for launching two new books.

Now things are FINALLY getting back to normal and I’ll be sharing regular stuff on the blog!

The photo above is from the Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire. Lisa and I were able to do a four day weekend to see New England and this was a cute spot we found on our way to see the Flume Gorge, a really popular hiking location.

R.I.P. T3i

I was doing a client shoot last week and I heard a strange clanking. I took off the lens and was pretty shocked to discover that the mirror and it’s holder had broken. I messed with it a bit and it seems like the motor went up and when it did the spring holder for the mirror busted.

You can get it fixed but the cost is stupid. So my Canon T3i is officially dead. It’s was four years old and it is the camera I’ve used for every game photo I’ve ever taken.

Camera’s have a shelf life. The T3i is estimated to last about 49,000 shutter accusations. I checked my stats. In four years I took 119,587 photos. That’s pretty darn good. More than double the camera’s estimated life.