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Bear Mountain!

IMG_3522-Edit-2-Edit copy
This is Bear Mountain in New York. We visited it during our trip in 2012 and this is another one of those old photos I finally decided to process. Lisa used to live about twenty minutes away from the mountain and visited it a bunch so it was important to her to show it to me.

What I thought was really cool (other than it being gorgeous) was that I’ve seen it in multiple episodes of The Good Wife and if you follow me on twitter then you should know that I LOVE The Good Wife. One of the best written shows on TV. So good and I got to see where they shot several episodes!

Mohonk Preserve!

Three years ago was the last time Lisa and I got to see fall foliage.  We took a trip to see the Poconos and Catskills in Pennsylvania and New York. It was an epic trip. Since we will be doing a similar trip soon to visit Central Texas I’ve been dumpster diving into my old photos to see what worked, what didn’t, and if there were any I had never processed.

The photo above (click it to enlarge) is one of the old photos I found. I took it while we were at the Minnewaska State Park. We were on a cliff hundreds of feet high and the valley and below was part of the Mohonk Preserve. It was a really gorgeous place to visit!

Buffalo Bayou!

Houston 12x8
This is Buffalo Bayou with downtown Houston in the background. It’s one of my favorite picturesque spots in the city. It’s also one of the areas that got hit hardest when the floods happened in the spring. The water level was so high that it was almost to the overpass! The bridge I stood on to take this photo was under water.