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Resist Them!

My newest book, RESIST THEM, is out and you can snag it on Amazon!

Get it here: https://www.amazon.com/Resist-Them-Scott-King/dp/1546405895/

RESIST THEM is a dystopian thriller. It’s dark, gritty, has lots of action and maybe a twist or two. If you are a fan of 1984, Brave New World, or other classic dystopians, you should enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wrote this four years ago for a Valentine’s Day Blind Comic Date event where authors were randomly paired with artists. It’s one my favorite Valentine’s Day things I’ve written and that’s saying a lot since Valentine’s Day is an actual character in Holiday Wars!

What I’m Creating in 2016!

Magera small
My next big project is a series called Dragon Lotus. The map you see above this post is the map that I made to go with the series. In the books there are dragons, magic, and its a full on epic fantasy adventure! January was pretty much all about wrapping up the 2nd draft of book 1. I’m in the middle of re-writes now and my plan is to release books 1, 2, and 3 in early fall, all together.

I’m Offering an Online Writing Course!

I’m now offering an Online Writing Course through Patreon. With it you will get a copy of “Finish the Script! A College Screenwriting Course in Book Form” as well as a private weekly google hangout so we can discuss your assignments and the progression of your writing project.

The online class is structured off the college course I used to teach, though I’ll adapt it depending on each individual writer. To sign up simply head over to Patreon and back it at the $75 level.

For those who don’t know, Patreon is a crowdfunding site, like Kickstarter, but instead of funding a single project for a large amount it lets people contribute ongoing amounts. That means you can sign-up for a month and cancel with no other obligations.

Writing Week!

Just FYI I’ve been swamped getting a secret project done. Well not too secret. Basically “Finish The Script!” which I’ll be posting more about soon, is going to have a fiction companion component and I’ve been trying to get the first draft of that done. It’s a full screenplay and even though I only started it last Thursday I’m already up to page 65 (I’ve been planning it for a month so it’s not like I’m just pulling it out of my butt)! My plan is to get the first draft done this week.

It sounds crazy but I normally crank out first drafts in 7 to 10 days and then will spend one to two months doing rewrites. But it is important that I get it done this week because I’m a college proffesor and my spring semester of classes starts next week. Once that happens I’ll have a lot less free time for creative things. So don’t be shocked if the blog is very quiet this week. Things should pick up again once I’m back in school and out of writer-mode.