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The Zimmah Chronicles Get New Covers!

I pulled The Zimmah Chronicles, my middle grade fantasy series, off Kobo & Draft2Digital ’cause I’m putting it in KDP Select.

I’ve been using Cupcakes vs. Brownies as a perma free, but even with 20-30 downloads a day the buy through rate has been poop. In addition on Kobo and D2D I get maybe ONE sale a month, so it’s just not worth it to be wide with middle grade books.

In addition to adding them into KDP Select, I also re-did the titles so the books look like they are part of a series. I also re-did the audiobook and box set cover so everything matches. Now I just need to wait for all the changes to be approved and go live.

Not this week, but soon I’ll re-do the print covers and I’ve hired someone to do the print-layout of the box set. So all in all The Zimmah Chronicles are starting to look sharp!

Zimmah Chronicles Boxset Audiobook!

The audiobook collecting the Zimmah Chronicles boxset is out!

Get it here:

The boxset is all three books, plus the bonus epilogue and clocks in at almost ten hours!

Zimmah Chronicles Omnibus!

ZimmahChronicles Box Set
I’m excited to announce that the digital boxset of my Zimmah Chronicles Series is now out! Included in it is an exclusive bonus story called “Dinosaurs vs. Robots.” The ONLY way to read the story is by getting the collection. So head over to your favorite book vendor and get it now!

If you are a kindle reader get it NOW for only 99 cents! Soon I’ll be upping the price to either $4.99 or $5.99.

Cupcakes vs. Brownies!

cvsb ad
For the first time in awhile, “Cupcakes vs. Brownies” is free on Amazon.¬†Make sure you snag it while you can!


Also if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, then next two books in the trilogy, “Mermaids vs. Unicorns” and “Genie vs. Djinn” are now in the KU!