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Genie vs. Djinn is out!

Genie vs. Djinn the third book in my Zimmah Chronicles series is out! For the time being this is the final book in the series so now is the perfect time to jump in and read the books!

Buy it Now!

Here is a quick description:

  • The chaotic magic of hundreds of djinn are destroying San Francisco. Dinosaurs. Butterfly volcanos. Buildings made of Jello– If someone can wish it, it’s happening. Unable to access his own powers, Zimmah, must rely on Karim and Whitney’s help. Standing in their way is Alkema, Zimmah’s murderous father, an almost omnipotent djinn who enjoys watching the suffering of others. If not stopped he will not only destroy the city, but plunge the entire world into total madness.

You can pick up the book on Amazon and it will also be out soon on iTunes, Kobo, and Nook.

Genie vs. Djinn Cover Art!

Genie vs. Djinn, the third book in my Zimmah Chronicles series will be releasing next month and I just got the art! The art was done by Michael Regina. This is the fifth book cover we have worked on together and I’ve been absolutely floored by his skills, commitment, and ability to get the covers done on time.

Michael isn’t just a cover artists though. He also does his own books and his newest book Adamsville Vol 2. is now on Kickstarter!


Back it here:

Even if you didn’t get Vol 1 you can pick them both up via the Kickstarter. I loved the first book and I’m ecstatic to see the next one so make sure you check it out.

Mermaids vs. Unicorns is out!

MvsU MiniBanner

This is the second book in my middle grade series about djinn, genies, and world warping magic. You can pick up a copy from the following sites:

If you are looking for a physical book you can snag that at Amazon!

Cupcakes vs. Brownies is Free!

“Mermaids vs. Unicorns” releases on the 26th and leading up to it, I’ve made “Cupcakes vs. Brownies” free at all online retailers! That way even if you’ve not read book one you can easily get caught up before book two releases.

If you are more of a listener than a reader you can snag the audiobook off Amazon (FYI if you buy the free ebook on Amazon you can then get the audiobook for only $1.99)!

Mermaids vs. Unicorns!

MvsU Mockup
Mermaids vs. Unicorns is the sequel to Cupcakes vs. Brownies. The print book and ebook will release on September 26th but you can start pre-ordering it now!

The cover was done by the amazing Michael Regnia. He really played with the perspective and did a fantastic job ensuring the art was action packed.

I’m super excited for everyone to read the further adventures of Karim and Zimmah as well as get to know some of our new characters like Whitney and Gramps.