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Get Two of my Books for Free!

It’s my birthday and to celebrate I’ve made both “Finish the Script!” and “Cupcakes vs. Brownies” free on Amazon!

Even if you don’t have a kindle you can still read them. All of the kindle books are compatible with most tablets, e-readers, and mobile devices using the free kindle app.

Seriously, the biggest favor you can do for me on my birthday is to download my books for free and to spread the word on twitter, facebook, or any other social media you use.

Get them now:

Get “Cupcakes vs. Brownies” For Free!

We just released the audiobook for “Cupcakes vs. Brownies.” It’s pretty cheap, only $6.95 but if you sign up for a free 30-day trial of Audible.com you can get the book for FREE!

Link: Cupcakes vs. Brownies

It sounds silly but we actually make MORE money if you sign up and buy it for free (just make sure its your first purchase). So if you want to do us a favor please please please sign-up and get a free copy.

Cupcakes vs. Brownies is now on Amazon!

If you missed the kickstarter then don’t worry because Cupcakes vs. Brownies is now on Amazon! Both the print book and e-book are available now.


FYI: We are producing an audiobook but it won’t be for sale until sometime in September.

Peanut Butter Brownies!

IMG_4746-EditThese are peanut butter brownies with a cream cheese icing. They were of course scrumptious.

On a side note if you like brownies then you should checkout my new book, “Cupcakes vs. Brownies!”
It’s a candypunk novel and brownies are one of the most important things in it!