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Creators Cast: Jamey Stegmaier!

Board game publisher, designer, and Kickstarter guru Jamey Stegmaier joins the show to talk about how he formed Stonemaier games and built it up to what we all know it to be. To learn more about Jamey you can learn more at http://stonemaiergames.com/

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My thriller novel, Ameriguns has a new cover!

Sequels will be coming and to give the series a consistent branding I had the cover redone!


The new cover is live for the ebook. The print page still shows the old cover, but if you buy a print version you’ll get the new one, while the audiobook cover will update in about a week.

I’m excited about the new look and hopefully you all like it too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wrote this four years ago for a Valentine’s Day Blind Comic Date event where authors were randomly paired with artists. It’s one my favorite Valentine’s Day things I’ve written and that’s saying a lot since Valentine’s Day is an actual character in Holiday Wars!

Baby Opossum!

Technically, I think this is considered a “juvenile” opossum. It’s just at that age where it can leave it’s mother’s back and go out for a bit on it’s own.

He/She keeps showing up in our yard and since our dogs are WAY too friendly they all get along. At the time I took this photo, the opossum was maybe big enough to fit into both my hands (not counting it’s tail length). The older opossum we’ve seen around for the past few years is most likely it’s mother. She nor this guy was aggressive.

We have checked with our vet. The dogs are up to date on all their shots and medications, plus ticks aren’t a thing down here in coastal Texas and the vet said that opossom’s body temperature is too low for rabies.

The Zimmah Chronicles Get New Covers!

I pulled The Zimmah Chronicles, my middle grade fantasy series, off Kobo & Draft2Digital ’cause I’m putting it in KDP Select.

I’ve been using Cupcakes vs. Brownies as a perma free, but even with 20-30 downloads a day the buy through rate has been poop. In addition on Kobo and D2D I get maybe ONE sale a month, so it’s just not worth it to be wide with middle grade books.

In addition to adding them into KDP Select, I also re-did the titles so the books look like they are part of a series. I also re-did the audiobook and box set cover so everything matches. Now I just need to wait for all the changes to be approved and go live.

Not this week, but soon I’ll re-do the print covers and I’ve hired someone to do the print-layout of the box set. So all in all The Zimmah Chronicles are starting to look sharp!