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Creators Cast: Craig Martelle!

Best selling author Craig Martelle joins the show to discuss how through hard work he managed to kick off his writing career and make it his full time business in less than two years! To learn more about Craig, visit his site at: http://www.craigmartelle.com/

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Metamorphosis Alpha!

I wrote short story (40 pages) called “The Greyness,” and it is in the Metamorphosis Alpha 2 anthology. It’s sci-fi, stand alone, has a bit of horror, and is a lot of fun!

More than a dozen authors have stories in the anthology. Whether you are an old school Metamorphosis Alpha role player or a science fiction fan, it’s a great read!

The Last Jedi was OK!

Not every movie is perfect and not-perfect movies can still be fun and enjoyable. I thought The Last Jedi was OK and said on Facebook that I’d rate it as a B-.

I’ve now started to collect hate emails (three in total)! The biggest of which was from someone who said they would never buy one of my books again because I didn’t say The Last Jedi was an A+.

Below is why I don’t think it is a perfect movie. There will be spoilers.

The 2018 Gaming Calendar!

I have fulfilled all the kickstarter orders for the 2018 Gaming Calendar and it is now for sale for anyone who missed it!

GET IT HERE: http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/scott-king/2018-gaming-calendar/calendar/product-23407345.html

Goodbye Old Friend!

It’s time to retire an old friend. I’m permanently shelving my Dell Mini v9.

The fall of 2009 was the pre-tablet era and all the companies were pushing for smaller laptops. I got the Dell Mini because I researched it and found that I could mod it to run Snow Leopard, the then-current operating system for Macs.